FitFest2013-059Here are the results from FitFest 2013 at the Greater Cincinnati Central Parkway YMCA!
The results from the racquetball tourney will be posted after Saturday, March 16th, 2013.

Dodgeball Tournament Winners:
Campbell County YMCA Team

Men’s Individual Triathlon Winner:
Jonathan Rodriguez

Women’s Individual Triathlon Winner:
Leah Boyd

Team Triathlon Winners:
Nick Graser, Clayton Simons, Steven Kramer


Detailed results are found in the table below:


2013 Indoor Triathlon Results

Team / Individual
Swimming lengths
Cycling miles
Running miles
Swim score
Cycle score
Run score
Nick Graserteam 12069
Clayton Simonsteam 15.57100269 (Win)
Steven Kramerteam 12.39100
Julie Johnsonteam 22069
Michael Johnsonteam 25.4297258
Sarah Graff Bromanteam 22.1992
Jordon Lombardoteam 329100
Tom Conardteam 33.665224
Geoffrey Manuelteam 31.459
Jonathan Rodriguezindiv M205.662.13100100100300 (Win)
Jim Goetzindiv M204.761.451008468252
Rob Crawfordindiv M204.741.441008468252
Galen Warrenindiv M205.20.91009242234
Jim Croninindiv M164.321.38807665221
Juan Fernandezindiv M85.011.91408990219
Edwin Loayzaindiv M104.441.77507883211
Dave Lanniganindiv M132.420.89654342150
Leah Boydindiv F234.951.8100100100300 (Win)
Cara Van Dorenindiv F184.521.63789191260

A few special notes about stand-out performances:
  • Congratulations to the team winners: Nick Graser, Clayton Simons, and Steven Kramer with a combined 269 points, barely edging a tough challenge from a mixed team of Julie Johnson, Michael Johnson, and Sarah Graff Broman with 258 points.
  • Congratulations to Jonathan Rodriguez and Leah Boyd who won the men’s and women’s individual events, both winning all three categories, resulting in perfect 300 scores.
  • Note that Leah also swam 23 lengths of the pool in her winning performance, beating all the men’s individual entrants. 
  • Jordon Lombardo laid down a whopping 29 lengths of the pool in 10 minutes in his team triathlon performance! (For those of you still taking notes, that’s an average of 20 seconds per length over 10 straight minutes of swimming…)
  • Finally, Steven Kramer ran 2.39 miles in 15 minutes in his winning team performance. That is a pace of 6:15 per mile, just under an average of 10 miles per hour in speed. Sarah Graff Broman nearly matched him with her team run! She ran 2.19 miles at a 6:51 mile pace which bested all the runs of both men’s and women’s individual triathlon entrants.


  • The swim, bike, and run will each be worth 100 points.
  • Male and female with the greatest distance in each event will be awarded 100 points.
  • Other participants will be awarded points based on their percentage of the winner’s distance.
  • Final score is swim points + bike points + run points.

For example:

Joyce is the top female finisher on the bike, at 12.6 miles, and is awarded 100 points.

Sharon finished the bike at 10.3 miles, and is awarded points (10.3/12.6 = 0.817 x 100 = 81.7 points.

If Sharon received 92.6 points on the swim, 81.7 points on the bike, and was the top finisher on the run (so 100 points), her final score is 274.3 points.

FitFest2013-4162013 Dodgeball Results

Congratulations to the Campbell County YMCA dodgeball team for winning the 2013 FitFest Dodgeball Championship! It was a hard-fought contest that barely resembled the dodgeball you may remember from grade school….(see event photo gallery page for more!)


2013 Racquetball Doubles Results

TBA. Check back after Saturday March 16th 2013.