Indoor Triathlon

Join Our FitFest Indoor Triathlon!

IndoorTriathlon_SwimmingWe are hosting an indoor triathlon at Greater Cincinnati’s Central Parkway YMCA as the cornerstone of FitFest, our Annual Campaign Kick-off fundraiser! We hope the event will continue and attain a life of its own over the years since it suits our mission and facility so well.

Teams of 1, 2, or 3 people will complete a 10-minute swim, 15-minute bike ride, and 15-minute run. Even if you don’t consider yourself an endurance athlete, you can definitely participate and have fun! You don’t need to complete all three legs of the swim, run, and biking race yourself…have a friend or two complete the portions with which you’re less comfortable.


The schedule is flexible and should also accommodate most entrants. A “wave” of at least 3 participants can leave every 20 minutes in the pool. Swimmers will complete as many lengths as possible within 10 minutes and then have 10 minutes to change clothes and report to the Fitness Center upstairs for the biking and running portions. After a 15-minute bike ride, participants take a 5-minute rest to prepare for the final 15-minute treadmill run and the finish line.

Important: Each participant can complete their portion(s) of the event in any wave. Teams need not be present all at once to enter.


  • The swim, bike, and run will each be worth 100 points.
  • Male and female with the greatest distance in each event will be awarded 100 points.
  • Other participants will be awarded points based on their percentage of the winner’s distance.
  • Final score is swim points + bike points + run points.

For example:


Joyce is the top female finisher on the bike, at 12.6 miles, and is awarded 100 points.

Sharon finished the bike at 10.3 miles, and is awarded points (10.3/12.6 = 0.817 x 100 = 81.7 points.

If Sharon received 92.6 points on the swim, 81.7 points on the bike, and was the top finisher on the run (so 100 points), her final score is 274.3 points.

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